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Traveling to another country obviously comes along with all the excitement and anticipation of upcoming fun. However, whenever visiting a new place especially for the first time, it is best to bear in mind a few points to keep you prepared and ensure your trip is full of memories.


Visiting the UK:


The United Kingdom is a place full of natural as well as structural beauty teamed with a climate that tends to suit most. It is full of numerous cities, towns and hamlets each having their own distinct beauty. As you explore the UK, you probably may be aware of where to visit or where to eat. But here are a few practical points to bear in mind:

The entire of UK is not English:


Undoubtedly, England is the most prominent part of the UK, but that does not mean the entire population of UK speaks English. There are other countries like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland that speak their native languages and are very proud of it.


The train network can have its share of hiccups:


The train network all over the UK is extremely dense and well charted. But one must always leave scope for a light delay or any unforeseen changes. Also, all the locals use this mode of transport to travel for work and you can very well expect some crowd in the peak hours.


Why we are the best

UK’s signature unpredictable weather:


As good as the weather may seem now; it may take minutes for it to suddenly change. So, a planned Sunday picnic outdoors might in no time end up being indoors time thanks to a sudden bout of rains, or even snow in the winters. It is better to be prepared and maybe have a backup plan ready.

UK has some fun traditions that you can try:

If you are a lover of traditions, make sure you co-inside your trip with some of the favorite traditions of UK. The people simply love to get together and make the most of their time. You can check out some great fireworks on the Bonfire Night or Cheese rolling or even the bog snorkelling.

There are many other languages spoken too

As mentioned earlier, English is not the standard language spoken all across the United Kingdom. As you travel across various parts of the United Kingdom, you must be prepared for languages like Scottish, Welsh, Gaelic, Scots, Ulster Scots, Irish Gaelic as well as Cornish. Though English may be spoken as a majority, these languages are also spoken as commonly.

United Kingdom is full of UNESCO recognized world heritage sites

You probably maybe aware of this fact, UK is blessed to have myriad variety of heritage sites that are renowned all across the globe and also recognized by UNESCO. Some of these are Stonehenge, Kew Gardens, and the City of Bath to name a few. These sites are all fairly easy to reach. To make sure you manage to see as many heritage sites as possible, it is best to look up the internet and get a practical map to get there in the easiest possible way.

Queuing is mandatory

The United Kingdom is medieval about maintaining order. So much so that there is actually master’s course in learning for to stand in a queue properly. Even if there are just a couple of people ahead of you, you must stand in a queue and wait for your turn. When in a long queue, you can forget trying to push your way through.

There is a huge variety of cakes to try all across UK

It can be safely said the United Kingdom loves its cake. You will spend a substantial amount of your time trying the wide range of cakes that are available all across. Be spoilt for choices between, the Victorian Sponge, Welsh cake, Custard slices, as well as the delectable Cheshire bun, the list can go on. Not all of these cakes are as dainty looking as a French cake, but are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

There are more than one Capital to visit.

As mentioned earlier United Kingdom has many countries, and so invariably many capital. London and other cities around it are definitely not to be missed but if you have the time, don’t miss Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast or other such places.

Don’t forget to try the Sunday Roast

No matter if you are in the UK for a few days or longer, you must never leave without trying the heart Sunday roast at a local pub. It consists mainly of meat, either lamb, beef or pork along with signature style gravy along with a whole lot of roasted vegetables. It tastes better than it sounds.

Most of the citizens have not met the Queen.

The Queen is not as easily seen as you may imagine. In fact most of the citizens have not met the Queen in their entire life. The list of these pointers can go on. But do bear these in mind for a better travel experience.

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